Auto evaluate

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Ground breaking

Reduced teacher workload

Freedom from evaluating 100s of submissions. 40% reduction in workload. More time for personal attention.

Infinite practice.

Automatic evaluation allows students to attempt any number of times.

Multi-skill evaluation.

Mathematics, Subjective, Speaking, Listening, Handwriting.

Instant evaluation.

AI based technology provides instant feedback. Even for subjective answers.

In-depth insights.

Cutting edge technology provides detailed feedback to both students and techers for better learning outcomes.

Practice, just like on a notebook.

Instant evaluation of homework submissions, for better recall and grasp of concepts.

  • Limitless practice, instant evaluation
  • 360° skill assessment, in-depth feedback

Educators get key insights and time for 1-to-1 interaction

  • Teachers’ workload reduced by 40%
  • Better insights, Precise intervention

Increase the prestige of institution.

  • Easy monitoring and progress tracking for administrators
  • Customized mobile app that incorporates school branding

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